platform truck

2 weeks start at $88.00

Package includes a 4 wheel platform truck.

Select weekly calendar duration and weekly cost type, both of these selections must match weeks.  Then select book now.

Every additional week beyond the selected weekly range is $25 per week

Rentals cannot start/end on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (highlighted).

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Rental return within days.


4 wheeled platform truck.

Rental information

Delivery of your order will be made to the doorstep, garage, or curbside on ground level; Deliveries are typically made between 9am-Noon unless otherwise requested; Please make sure and fully read and understand your responsibilities and liabilities for care of rented equipment in our Terms and Conditions section. If you should have any questions please call or email during business hours of 9:00am-5:00pm 402-476-6174.