easy rent steps

Get ‘Em

Select package, select delivery and pickup dates. 

Pack ’em & stack ’em

We deliver to your door, you pack your items and move.

Give ’em back

For convenience we will pick up the totes from your new door.

Residential Packages

Apartment Package

This package includes 15 totes, and 15 labels

Realtors Special

This package includes 30 totes, and 30 labels

1 Bedroom Package

This package includes 30 totes 30 labels and one 4 wheel platform truck

2 Bedroom Package

This package includes 40 totes 40 labels and one 4 wheel platform truck

3 Bedroom Package

This package includes 60 totes 60 labels and one 4 wheel platform truck

4 Bedroom Package

This package includes 80 totes, 80 labels, and one 4 wheel platform truck

Commercial Packages

20-25 employees

This package includes 100 totes, 100 labels, and one 4 wheel platform truck

40-50 employees

This package includes 200 totes, 200 labels, and one 4 wheel platform truck

65-75 employees

This package includes 300 totes, 300 labels, and three 4 wheel platform trucks

FEATURES: Eco FriendlyConvenienceLocalFree DeliveryFree PickupPriced RightMade in the USASaves treesNo CardboardNo TapeCleanStrongStackableInter Locking LidPre assembledLabelsGrizzly SkinsGrizzly TiesWater Proof

Convenience, convenience, convenience

Grizzly Totes are delivered and picked up at your doorstep. No messing with cardboard boxes, this alone will save you hours of time.


Grizzly Totes are sanitized before every use with earth friendly detergents.


Grizzly Totes are easy on the earth. By using the totes over and over, we save earths precious resources.


Grizzly Totes are able to hold 10 times more in weight than cardboard. Grizzly Totes can be stacked and sealed with a Grizzly Tie.  

Made in the USA

Grizzly Totes are made in the United States of America.  

Grizzly Tote benefits picture

Phone: 402-476-6174

Emily Nguyen
Emily Nguyen
July 5, 2023
It’s good to have these totes when moving. The guys are very professional and on time. Thank you.
Debra Hulsebusch
Debra Hulsebusch
May 30, 2023
This business is amazing if you need moving totes. Totes hold a lot and much easier than paying for boxes. They deliver and pick up the totes- what a convenient way to pack and move!! Just wish I would have used totes for all my packing. Highly recommend
Megan Barnett
Megan Barnett
May 10, 2023
Not a great experience at all with Grizzly Tote. There was no communication as to when they were dropping off totes or picking them up. I had to reach out both times to make anything happen. Also, I was disappointed that the guy who picked up the totes left my yard gate open. Thankfully my dog did not get out but my advise would be to close a gate that you had to open, and communicate with your customers on pickup and delivery times as your email says you will do.
Amy Fries
Amy Fries
May 1, 2023
I provided these totes to my client to ease in her move and she was thrilled with the product and the process. No more wasting cardboard! I'll definitely offer Grizzly Totes as a "thank you gift" again. Amy Fries, Realtor, Woods Bros.
M & A Gray
M & A Gray
April 26, 2023
These totes made our move so much easier. Our movers appreciated how well they stacked in the moving truck and storage unit. Will use them again.
Katie Allen
Katie Allen
April 25, 2023
I'm a local REALTOR in Lincoln, Nebraska and I'm grateful to Grizzly Tote for helping my clients get packed up for their move. Their movers even commented on how the Grizzly Totes made their jobs. Thanks so much!
Timdogg Murphy
Timdogg Murphy
July 27, 2022
Easy to work with. Saved me the hassle of locating boxes all over. Local small biz which adds to satisfaction.